Solutions and Services

Service Contracts

If you know your business is going to need that IT presence, talk with us about one of our Service Contracts! We tailor each agreement to the customer, so that you know what you’re getting and you don’t get what you don’t need.

Customers that are engaged in a service contract with us get cheaper rates and priority service – because we’re about the long haul and partnering with your business. We are happy to help on once-off projects or troubleshooting, but as our motto goes, Create – Deploy – Support. Our specialty is in creating a solution to your needs, delivering it to your business environment, and then providing the ongoing support to that solution.

Rates and Services

The following are the general, public rates for our services. We generally can do a Quote for free, so that we can give the best indication of the cost – so feel free to drop us a line and enquire today!

Quote for Services – 1 hour Free!
– – On-site Quote in Regional areasTravel cost only
Desktop Support$120 p/h*
Professional IT Consulting / Troubleshooting $140 p/h*
– – Emergency / Out of Hours request$180 p/h*

*Excluding GST, lower rates on a service contract!

What we do

Ampurta has been delivering IT Services to people and companies for years. Here is a short list of what we are capable of:

  • Designing a Windows Server environment for an office full of users and printers
  • Deploying a local and cloud based backup solution for file servers
  • Taking a physical server into a virtual, cloud environment
  • Performing regular Security and Backup maintenance and auditing
  • Establishing a suite of Network and/or Environment monitoring products
  • Turning a physical user network into a Virtualised Local or Cloud solution
  • Desktop troubleshooting, sales and maintenance
  • Linux, Windows, Mac – all the same to us!
  • And more!

If you want even more detail, read on!

System Monitoring & Reporting

Ampurta’s System Monitoring and Reporting package can provide you with the IT support you need, ranging from a single device to your entire network. We carry out proactive monitoring of your system, this enables us to detect early signs of symptoms that can lead to failure, and leads to the appropriate actions for prompt fixes. The package will provide you with regular reports detailing the critical network infrastructure data, with regular analysis and recommendations.


Virtualisation offers benefits from small to enterprise businesses. If your whole business is being run from a physical device, any act of god, accident, or theft can send your business spiralling. If your computer was part of our Virtual environment, your physical machine can be destroyed but all of your data, settings, configuration – the whole Operating System in fact – is safe and sound, and can be up and running as soon as you have a replacement.

Ampurta has extensive experience deploying and managing server virtualisation products, including VMware ‘vSphere’, Oracle ‘OVM’, Microsoft ‘Hyper-V’ and Red Hat ‘KVM’.

Backup Solution & Disaster Recovery

If a simple Virtual Machine is not enough, or you have lots of data – in both size and regularly changing content, Ampurta can provide you with a number of backup solutions, ranging from options including tapes, SAN, NAS and cloud backups. We can guide you through your options and provide you with a number of solutions that meet your specific needs.

System Administration

Ampurta’s professionals have been exposed to a variety of IT environments and technologies, and have the experience, knowledge and capabilities to provide system administration duties for organisations ranging from micro, SMEs, NFPs, and enterprise organisations with large and complex networks.

Ampurta can provide both onsite and remote administration services, and we are flexible enough to be the prime system administrator for your organisation – or part of your IT team. We are available for short or long term service options.

Cloud Consulting

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud can be daunting, particularly if you are migrating your in-house services and data to the cloud, it is not particularly easy to do. Questions about what should or shouldn’t be moved to the cloud is a common question, as well as “will my data be safe in the cloud?” And “how do I migrate my data and services to the cloud?” Ampurta can guide you through the process of migrating your services and data to the cloud.