IT Services in the Modern Business


IT Services in the Modern Business

If you’re a retail business thats more than a hobby, you’ll likely have (or need):

  • A sales machine, potentially with a database
  • A personal machine, with all your customer / provider / finance details
  • Phones and/or laptops for sales consultants

If you’re a service provider or consultants, you’ll likely have (or need):

  • A desktop for every user
  • Printers, maybe a print server
  • A windows server to manage it all
  • A seperate server as a file server, backups, shared drives

If you’re in manufacturing, you’ll likely have (or need):

  • Computer for sales / finance
  • Specialised computer or appliances that get connected to the manufacturing hardware
  • Hand held scanning / factory barcode scanning appliances
  • Front desk admin / reception machine
  • Database for customers / product lists

The reality is for the Modern Business, it makes more sense to embrace technology and make it a part of your business strategy, then it is treat it as a cost.

If you have a strategy to grow your business and expand your staff or company size, then you are almost guaranteed to be expanding the amount of computers and devices in your business. The more you grow, the more you need to think about redundancy, risk, and the cost to the business if any of these things fail.

If you don’t grow technology alongside your staffing or resourcing, then you’re relying much more heavily on a smaller footprint of technology.

At Ampurta, our role is to partner with the business. If you have plans to expand and grow, then talk to us about one of our Service Contracts. We can design a 12 month+ contract that mirrors your growth strategy to ensure that you can plan and budget for expected costs. It adds a consistency to your technology, that as a small to medium business owner/manager, you might have otherwise looked at as a ticking time bomb, or a complete unknown!

Contact us at to have a free, no obligation quote about your businesses technology needs!

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